26 Ways To Benefit... 

The Benefits part of  'Cindy Bowden Insurance and Benefits' means a lot more than employee benefits; it refers to all the advantages you get from our expertise, experience and our inside-out knowledge of insurance. Beyond buying life insurance, business insurance or employee benefits, here are twenty-eight ways that we have helped our clients, and twenty-six ways you can count on us to help you. 

  1. Fund a buyout agreement between partners. 
  2. Ensure the continuity of a company in the event that a key partner gets a life-threatening illness. 
  3. Determine the best way to allocate a $100,000 windfall. 
  4. Disentangle personal risks from business risks, thereby protecting the family. 
  5. Negotiate disability claims for employees who cannot work at their own occupation. 
  6. Help employees select appropriate investments for their pension plans and RRSP’s. 
  7. Help plan and develop funds for retirement. 
  8. Help select appropriate corporate sponsored pension and retirement contracts and options. 
  9. Insure people who appear to be uninsurable. 
  10. Make sure funds are available at death to pay taxes on various assets. 
  11. Coach administrators of benefit plans to maximize their contracts.
  12. Protect employees from assuming extraordinary financial and insurance risks. 
  13. Protect companies from unilateral changes caused by outside forces such as banks. 
  14. Insure against losses caused by debt. 
  15. Design and implement benefit and retirement plans that suit your corporate culture, objectives, and budget; maintain as necessary from year to year. 
  16. Conduct seminars to explain your benefit plans to employees in the context of their lives in language they can understand. 
  17. Support employers and employees throughout difficult long-term disability claims for key people and regular employees. 
  18. Perform an audit of your existing policies to ensure you are properly covered. 
  19. Make sure planning takes into consideration various types of taxation. 
  20. Provide tax effective lifetime income for individuals and families. 
  21. Ensure planning takes into consideration the potential for large health risks. 
  22. Fund estates to support disabled children. 
  23. Fund the succession of a business. 
  24. Eliminate corporate debt and other obligations if a key person dies or gets a life-threatening illness. 
  25. Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary overlaps in coverage between life, business and employee policies. 
  26. Provide a single point of contact for all insurance needs. 

Can you think of another way to ‘benefit’ from our expertise, experience and our inside-out knowledge of insurance? 

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