This is no ordinary life insurance and benefits advisory firm. 

Most insurance professionals specialize in just one type of insurance. That means it could take three different experts to get all the insurance you need. Because we’re powered by a CLU, a Chartered Life Underwriter, we do it all. 

Our CLU professional designation might mean that we have broader knowledge about financial planning and insurance than most brokers, but what we believe has been so beneficial is the deep understanding we have of what people actually need – whether you are just starting out in your career, in your peak earning years, or in retirement. we really see the big picture!  

Even if you only need one or two of the three types of insurance, we can help you save time, save money and avoid the kinds of problems that give other people headaches (or worse!) down the line.  

To find out if we’re the right insurance specialist for you, try our free self-assessment!  To learn more about CLU’s and CH.F.C’s, visit The Institute for Advanced Financial Education.

What’s a CLU?  

The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is widely recognized as the highest level of accreditation in the life insurance profession. CLUs are professional financial advisors equipped to provide insurance and benefits solutions for businesses, employees, families, and individuals.  

The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) is widely recognized as the highest level of accreditation in the life insurance profession.A CLU is experienced, educated, and qualified to provide expert advice on a broad range of financial planning and insurance topics. He or she adheres to a Code of Professional Conduct, and is obliged to observe Practice Standards – specific actions that advisors must take when dealing with their clients and colleagues.  

Being a Chartered Life Underwriter means that I integrate your business, personal and employee needs in ways that ordinary brokers or agents cannot. ”

— Cindy Bowden, CLU, CH.F.C.

Cindy Bowden, CLU, CH.F.C.About Cindy Bowden 

Cindy has been a member of The Financial Advisors Association of Canada (Advocis) since 1979 when she entered the business as an independent advisor.  She is a Past Chair of the Board of Trustees for The Institute for Advanced Financial Education (formerly called the CLU Institute of Canada) and served on the National Board of Directors for Advocis from 2006 to 2008.  She has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table since 1981, and held numerous positions and chaired committees in the 1980’s as a member of the Toronto and National Boards of Advocis as well as The Institute for Advanced Financial Education.  She has been a member of CALU (Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting of Canada) since its inception in 1991.  She is on the CALU Group Benefits Committee and the Advocis Finance and Audit Committee.

She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the Rekai Centres which are long term care facilities.  She was a member of the Board of Directors for St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation for 10 years where she created and chaired the Planned Giving Committee.  Cindy chaired the board representing alumni and fundraising for Trinity College at the University of Toronto.  She also chaired the School Council and the committee responsible for building a daycare in her children’s elementary school.  

Cindy is a member of the Canadian Group Insurance Brokers Association, the Governing Council of St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation and the Estate Planning Council of Toronto.  She has been a speaker for CALU, the Million Dollar Round Table, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants, and various chapters of Advocis and the Institute.

In 2011 Cindy received the Arbor Award from the University of Toronto for her contribution as a volunteer. In 2014 she was named one of 50 Women of Influence in Canada’s life insurance industry.  In 2023 Cindy received the prestigious J.G. Taylor Award from the Institute for Advanced Financial Education.

Cindy is married with two children.  Her husband Steve Hisey is a partner in a property and casualty insurance brokerage firm.  Her hobbies include traveling, swimming, walking and going to the theatre.  Think we might be a good fit? Give us a call at 905-477-8029.