The bpe Integration Process 

Business. Personal. Employee. If you need all three, why choose just one? 

Most insurance specialists focus on business, personal or employee insurance. 

That means you would require three people – and that means three briefings and three times the risk of having gaps, omissions and overlapping coverage. 

The bpe Integration Process is different. It covers all three areas in a single, comprehensive process: one person, no gaps, no overlaps – and the assurance of benefiting from every financial opportunity possible. 

Because the decisions you make in one area may influence the decisions you make in another, the bpe Integration Process employs a parallel evaluation approach as opposed to one that’s sequential. 

And because the right insurance plan depends on so many unquantifiable personal issues, the bpe Integration Process looks beyond the numbers. The result is a plan based on your values, your personality and your vision – for your business, your employees, your family and your life. 

Even if you only need one or two of the three types of insurance, we can help you save time, save money and avoid the kinds of problems that give other people headaches (or worse!) down the line. 

A plan that doesn’t just protect you from risk; it actually helps you achieve your goals. Isn’t that the kind of plan you really want? 

The Six Stages of The bpe Integration Process  

The bpe Integration Process is divided into six stages. Each stage is explained below.  

Stage One: The bpe Needs Assessment  

This is a simple ‘scorecard’ to help you identify what you are looking to gain as a result of the bpe Integration Process and what areas might require more attention and focus as we move forward.  

Stage Two: The bpe Success Keys  

Where are we now? Where do we want to go? During this stage, we set about capturing essential information and the elements of success behind your company and the life you lead.  

Stage Three: The bpe Objective Analysis  

Here, we analyze specific risk scenarios and identify the value of each element of success. The deliverable of this stage is a summary of key dangers, opportunities and strengths.  

Stage Four: The bpe Decision Filter  

This is our “soft issues” decision filter, and goes well beyond what is offered by most advisors. We weigh our recommendation according to factors such as priorities, values and personalities of the people involved.  

Stage Five: The bpe Summary Plan And Implementation Strategy  

At the end of the bpe Integration Process, you’ll know exactly what you need to set yourself up for the best chance of success in your business and your life. The report is detailed enough to help you understand exactly what needs to be done without requiring you to sift through the minutia of a technical analysis.  

Stage Six: The bpe Plan Implementation  

If you choose, you may proceed to the Comprehensive Product Selection and Plan Implementation. Pricing is dependent on the decisions and recommendations from the previous stages.


How can you tell if an insurance expert is the right partner for you or your organization? 

The fact is, choosing the right insurance and benefits advisory firm is one of the most difficult decisions organizations face – especially difficult if you do not have an in-depth background in insurance to evaluate potential insurance partners. 

This simple, 7-question assessment is intended to help you evaluate what you are looking for in an insurance advisory firm, and what insurance and benefits needs are your top priority. Please feel free to ask us for a more detailed explanation of each criterion or its importance in the decision process. 

Please rank each statement below according to how ‘true’ each is for you.