Does Santa flies randomly from house to house? 

Santa has a lot of houses to visit — and only one night to do it all. The only way he gets it all done is with a plan. Sure, the elves help him make the toys, but it’s his wife, Mrs Claus, who does all the strategic planning and mapping of routes. (I am always amazed to learn that most people don’t know this!) 

People have a similar challenge: we have so many things to do as we head toward retirement — and only one life to get it all done. That’s why each and every one of us would benefit from a plan. 

Basic retirement calculators that the banks all have on their websites only work with one dimension — investments. But life is more complex than that! That’s why my experience as a CLU can help you uncover a lot more opportunities and paths to help you get where you want to go…. by the time you want to get there! 

But really, my value to my clients comes from my experience in working with literally thousands of people in different circumstances and with different goals, priorities and desires. The truth is, I know what questions to ask based on who you are as a person, not a number! 

I have seen clients dramatically and subtly change their approach to life and business, often unconsciously, to move toward goals we helped establish and clarify. 

Come to think of it, recently as part of an analysis, I created a list of things that people in business need to think about as they transition out of their business and/or occupation.  Two clients told me they changed the agenda for their quarterly business meeting to focus only on my list. They found it incredibly helpful, and resolved to take specific actions to create continuity and secure the future of their clients. 

Look, I know it’s easy to get distracted by what you have to get done TODAY, and that makes it hard for you to give planning for tomorrow the focus it needs. Many people get stressed out when they think of planning, but the truth is NOT having a plan is way more stressful! That’s why it just may be the best gift you give yourself! That’s why the best way to get it done is simply to book a planning session with me. (You can call me Mrs. Claus!) 

You wouldn’t want Santa to fly randomly from house to house, and I’m sure you don’t want to stumble into retirement, only to realize a few simple things you can do now could have made such a big, positive difference! 

Enjoy your pocket planner as a small token of my appreciation for the trust you place in me as your advisor… and friend. I wish you the very best and happiest of holidays. 


Cindy Bowden, CLU, CH.F.C.

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