Read this if you have benefits. Read this if you don’t have benefits. 

By Cindy Bowden 

Most of us wouldn’t dream about going through life without some kind of benefits package. One of the biggest benefits of a group plan is that you can get the health and dental coverage you need without having to qualify or provide medical evidence. 

There are several plans to choose from. Some are good and a few are even great… but you have to know where to look and how to put together a plan that actually serves the needs of the individuals who need to be covered. It’s my job to look at the fine print to make sure plans suit my clients, their families and their employees. 

In many cases, I can create a group plan through your incorporated company, whether it’s for one person, one family, or a whole team. This allows you to pay for your medical and dental services with before tax dollars AND allows you to deduct the monthly premium as a legitimate company expense. 

And if you have access to another group plan or insurance, I can help you balance it all so you don’t pay for coverage you don’t need, nor are you missing coverage you really do need. Only a CLU – a Chartered Life Underwriter – is qualified to do that for you. 

But then, that’s just one of the benefits of working with me! 

A lot of young people and entrepreneurs today think they don’t qualify for a group plan unless they are employed by larger corporation. Once again, I can help. If you know a young person or an entrepreneur, please give them my phone number: (905) 477-8029 x239. 

Because friends don’t let friends – or family – go without benefits!

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