What do shipping and supply chains have to do with insurance and Christmas? 

Did you know that the whole idea for insurance started out with the Phoenicians? They depended heavily on trade. Because shipping was expensive, and there was always the risk of losing ships and their cargo, they needed a way to mitigate those risks. Voila insurance! (Smart people, those Phoenicians!) 

The ancient Romans were the first to take the concept of marine insurance and apply it to individuals. They created “burial clubs” to help cover the cost of members' funeral expenses and assisted survivors financially. 

See, the Romans were smart too! They knew, like all smart people know, that ‘things’ happen. 

Who would have expected disruptions in the supply chains that so many companies are grappling with now – which is the reason why I’m not including the pocket planner with this letter as I usually do. (But don’t worry… I now expect to get them in January!) 

I was thinking about this as I was doing a needs analysis for a young family expecting their first child. As soon as I looked at their existing coverage, I could see there were major gaps in the policies they had through their group plan at work. Who cares when you have no obligations? But with a baby on the way, those gaps were a little more troubling. Now with the new policies I put in place, the child can grow up more carefree… 

Then there was the case of the woman who I started working with 25 years ago to help her grow $200k in savings into $500k in a conservative manner to help create her retirement income. 

You see, insurance has become so much more all-encompassing since the days of the Romans or the Phoenicians. But it still is the smart way to handle the unexpected. You don’t get that with group plans alone. Nor do you get it from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies available online. 

It takes smart thinking like I was trained to offer you as part of my training as a Chartered Life Underwriter. Because, despite the lingering effects of COVID, the supply chain issues, the icy sidewalks, and everything else that can happen… I want to help you have as carefree a holiday as you can! 

And I promise to get your Pocket Planner to you as soon as they get shipped to me! You can count on me for that just like everything else I do for you! I wish you the happiest of holidays!

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