It’s spring! So, what are you worried about? 

By Cindy Bowden 

Spring is a wonderful time… the sun shines bright and warm, trees grow new buds, and the grass turns green. People shed their winter parkas and spend more time outdoors. It’s also a time when almost every major religion has a holiday: Christians celebrate hope and rebirth; Jews celebrate freedom from slavery; Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s birth and enlightenment… 

It seems there is so much to be hopeful about. But when I speak to my clients, I see that along with the positivity of the season, there is also a lot of worry. 

One client who is in his eighties had a lot of money invested in the stock market. Even though he is a very experienced investor, and has ridden through several peaks and valleys, he was nervous. I helped him shift some of his nest egg into an annuity that provides him with the income he needs for the rest of his life. “Finally,” he told me, “I can relax!” 

Then a couple in their fifties came to me with this: “Cindy,” they explained, “both of us are working to make sure we have enough income to put our three kids through university. But, if one of us has to stop working for any reason, we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Making sure our kids get a good education is so important to us – what can we do?” 

After looking at their options, I found a way to increase their coverage at an even lower rate than they were paying. Not only did it give them the peace of mind they were hoping for to fund their children’s education, it also freed up some money to help them live better right now! 

My own daughter who is 23 years old recently landed a great full-time job with a major company. When we reviewed her company’s benefits package, I was shocked to see it was missing long-term disability and life insurance. Emmy was worried. “How could I even cover rent if something happens and I can’t work for more than a few weeks?” she wondered. 

Well, sometimes it’s nice to have a mother who cares about you and knows what to do. (It’s even nicer when your adult children value your expertise and take your advice!) Of course, I was able to fix that in a hurry. 

Whatever your stage of life, you might have a worry at the back or your mind. Here’s my suggestion…give me a call! Then get outside and enjoy yourself! After all, it’s spring!

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