Can you name one special relationship in your life? 

This is the time of year when we give thanks for what we have been blessed with, help others in need, and spend quality time with the people who are special to us. That got me thinking about the special relationships I have with my clients. 

Now you might be thinking, ‘what kind of special relationship would an insurance agent have with their clients? Let me tell you about ‘Clara’… I first started working with Clara when she was in her fifties, and I was in my twenties. She was the executive director of a not-for-profit, a single woman with no kids – a classic example of a caring daughter caring for her aging parents and others in her family. I felt a kind of empathy with her genuine desire to help others. 

When she told me that she wanted to retire early, I sat down with her and gave her the difficult news that she didn’t have enough money, but there was still a way she could do it. I helped her build a balanced portfolio with strategic investments that allowed her to retire when and how she wanted – well before the age of 65. Come to think of it, Clara was the first of many clients I helped to retire early. 

When it came time to organize her legal documents, I took her through the process of getting her will in order, identifying the right person to have power of attorney, and helped her find the best people for her legal and accounting team. When she wanted to sell her cottage at a price that I felt was much less than fair, I stepped in and helped her get a much, (MUCH!), better deal. 

When Clara turned 91, her power of attorney helped move her into a retirement home of her own choosing and we believe she will have sufficient income and capital to be comfortable for the rest of her life. All the conversations Clara and I have had, and planning we have done, have allowed her to move into this next stage of her life with confidence. She continues to be one of my favourite people. 

It’s true that as a CLU, I am uniquely qualified to advise my clients on multiple areas related to wealth and retirement, beyond just life insurance, but my relationships with my clients go well beyond that. I truly see myself as the ‘custodian’ of your financial well-being. 

Enjoy your pocket planner as a small token of my appreciation for the trust you place in me as your advisor… and friend. I wish you the very best and happiest of holidays.

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